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API Development Services


REST API Development

REST (Representational State Transfer) technology is nowadays preferred over SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) technology owing to the fact that REST leverages lower bandwidth than SOAP, thus making it ideal for online usage. REST API represents the ideal way of developing effective HTTP APIs.

At Conqsys, our API developers can leverage REST API for browsers efficiently by building robust APIs allowing a plethora of users to connect with cloud services promptly. These APIs now encompass interaction between web services and clients without any hassle.


  • Our REST API Development services ensures that the media transmitted through these APIs seamlessly and with simplicity.

  • We introduce caching of information that facilitates quick and easy search along with effective data storage.

  • Build a backend for the cloud with REST APIs for giving prompt access to customers to the product right from any device from anywhere.

  • We ensure that the UI fetches stored data with prompt update of data fields enabling quicker integration with REST APIs, quick to parse JSON, enabling faster end-user experience.

  • We also introduce REST API testing services based on HTTP protocol for ensuring that the deliverables are aligned with client requirements to the tee.


API Integration

Custom web API solutions for legacy and enterprise applications. Our white label APIs ease access to performance, program data and business logic, in addition to services. We produce third party APIs for mobile, desktop, and cloud applications, firmware/middleware, databases and browsers.

Our Custom API Integration Experts propel the performance of web apps with custom API integrations for e-stores or web apps that are aligned with business system requirements.

Our APIs support shared protocols and services inclusive of HTTP/HTTPS, XML, and REST while we also offer Quickbooks API integration to multiple enterprise companies to connect with your ecommerce websites, web portals, or apps.

Our custom API services ensure third party API integration services while ensuring the ideal development, integration, documentation, and constant maintenance of white label APIs. It is our prime intention to make use of networking best practices when delivering third-party application integration services that port disparate business systems, add optimal performance and synchronize data.

Conqsys offers a slew of API integration services that aid enterprises in optimizing processes and enabling seamless workflow of operations. Our custom third-party API integration services for diverse businesses can connect efficiently with website and applications. We work with business applications that blend white label custom integration services thus offering enhanced capability than those applications that work by themselves.

API Offerings

  • Conqsys is adroit in developing enterprise-grade REST APIs that are easy to use, documented, and reliable to the tee. We have leveraged countless APIs to fundamentally change data to be used in the best sense, entirely new business models and strategies for products. They allow for flexible integrations of existing products, enabling developers to enhance services in multiple ways.

  • We have a team of competent API developers who have recognized the shift in importance of scalable APIs, and have offered secure API development services to clients of different domains. Our capabilities have made us one of the leading experts in custom API development too.

  • Our API offerings entail new development projects and updated legacy systems with a seamless ‘door’ into applications, to fetch and store data. Our services extend, boost, and integrate with other workflows offering compelling opportunities for enhanced connectivity and due monetization.

OpenAPI Standard Development

We design API's definition first before implementation of other operations, starting with API's interface, detailing the requests and responses. This enables better developer experience, contract independence, and faster go-to-market.


Our SwaggerHUB expertise helps us streamline the design and implementation of APIs with the help of the quick and efficient editor that is quick and efficient without losing design consistency.

gRPC implementation

gRPC also makes use of protocol buffers to call methods on external server applications locally for creating distributed APIs.

Azure Service Bus Implementation

Our Azure Service Bus implementation services enables organizations to host online APIs, residing in a corporate network, without the need of firewall connections or any widespread changes to network infrastructure

Azure Async Functions

Our Azure Async Functions app utilize C# precompiled-functions with binding syntax for attributes to create REST-based APIs.

Custom Websocket Server

We leverage custom WebSocket server aligned with specific protocols in multiple server-side programming languages including C++, Python, and PHP for writing APIs

WebRTC Programming

Our WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) programming expertise enables us to write APIs to connect with applications that stream multimedia, and exchange data between diverse browsers without intermediaries. Contact Conqsys to know more about our secure, easy to use & feature-rich API development services today!

Service Discovery

Analysis of existing Service Architecture for assessing the services to be exposed by APIs for unlocking business value