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Secured Communication Layer Development

Our secured communication layer development services include intelligent threat modelling and clear understanding of risks of user authentication, ensuring prompt security from communication layer attacks.

PHI Compliance Ready Apps

Protected health information (PHI) indicates data about health status, health care provision, or payment for healthcare that links to specific individuals. We address methods of communication used by our HIPAA-compliant apps to ensure user data protection at all communication levels inclusive of non-encrypted communication that includes PHI.

HIPAA-Certified Consultant Hiring

We hire HIPAA certified consultants who can guide the development team in ascertaining compliance with the provisions of the standard across all kinds of healthcare apps and services.

Data Audit and Integrity

We work with health care providers to ensure HIPAA compliance by identifying areas where data integrity is questioned. Our risk assessment processes ensure the integrity of data is up to the mark, thus helping organizations avoid expensive fines for violations

HIPAA Rules Audit

Our apps and services focus on protection required to safeguard PHI, especially electronic protected health information that entail administrative, physical, and technical rules with respect to IT infrastructure.