iOS Applications/Game Development
iOS Applications/Game Development
The launch of iPhone, based on powerful and feature-rich Apple iOS, revolutionized the mobile market, bringing a Smartphone into the forefront that guarantees an unmatched user experience. It has been rightly said by Zephrin Lasker, “iOS is like a carefully curated art gallery (closed, elegant and spare). Steve Jobs aimed for Apple’s products to be works of art. Apple believes (as most artists do) that it’s the creator’s job to show people what they should want.”
Apple iOS is one of the best platforms to develop an array of smart, robust and scalable applications for utility, business, lifestyle, general assistance, entertainment, and much more, with more than 5,00,000 registered apps in the App Store. First iPhone, and then iPad, Apple has never refrained from delighting the users, with an added benefit of first-class mobile applications that guarantee unmatched experience. No wonder, this is indeed a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reckon with.
Challenges -
For any business across any industry, developing smart and interesting iOS applications has become indispensable. It is the best way to capture the ever-growing market for Apple iPhone and iPad, promoting your brand and connecting to a larger global audience in the most cost-effective manner. However, the major challenge is to address the stiff competition in iOS apps development and achieving a competitive edge.
What ConQsys Provides?
ConQsys is a leading mobile apps development company, with unparalleled expertise and knowledge in Apple operating system. With a team of highly talented iOS developers, we design, develop, and implement easy to use, scalable, and highly interactive applications and games for iPhone and iPad. Our expert professionals have vast knowledge in Cocoa Touch Framework, Objectice C, and Xcode, which enables us to develop customized mobile applications on iOS. From entertainment to business, from travel to security, from social networking to web browsing, shopping, food and hospitality, navigation, and much more, we are capable of implementing even the most complex iPhone or iPad apps development projects.
Our iOS Development Services
From iOS applications to engaging and appealing games for iPhone and iPad, our expertise is unmatched and worth a fantastic value for money. Our comprehensive iOS development services include:
  • iOS applications development
  • iOS game development
  • iOS m-commerce applications
  • iOS mobile website applications
  • iOS social networking
  • Business and sales applications
  • iOS plug-in and widget development
  • Travel, navigation, and weather forecasting apps
  • iOS web service integration
Why Choose ConQsys for iOS Development?
Understanding the importance of building smart and intuitive iOS applications and games for your business, we adopt the best practices and resources to serve our clients in the most impressive manner. Our core strengths encompass:
  • Creating a brand recognition and reputation
  • Implementing the latest techniques and resources
  • We guarantee quality with scalability
  • Rigorous updates, support and maintenance
  • Open communication channel
  • Easy to use, interactive and engaging applications
  • Enhanced customer relationship with increased sales and profit
  • Fast turn around time
  • Cost-efficient iOS development
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