Windows RT Development
Windows RT Development
Windows RT is a fantastic variant of the Windows 8 operating system that is designed particularly for mobile devices, utilizing the robust ARM architecture. Unlike other versions of Windows operating system, it is available only as pre-loaded software on specific devices that are designed for the operating system by the OEMs. It takes the advantage of ARM platform and its power efficiency to provide a longer battery life, sleek system-on-chip designs for building thinner hardware, developing touch-optimized applications, and providing a reliable and delightful user experience over time. Today, it is one of the best platforms to develop smart and interactive mobile applications.
The Challenges -
Unlike its counterpart, Windows versions for x86 processors, Windows RT lacks certain core features and compatibility functions that make it challenging for developers to build mobile applications on Windows RT. Moreover, being a relatively new operating system, the power of Windows RT hasn’t yet been unfolded comprehensively. One of the major challenges is its limitations in software compatibility and reliability as a power-saver, which has caused a significant drop in sales for the first set of Windows RT tablets.
How ConQsys Can Help?
ConQsys is a leading software and applications development company, with 15 years of domain experience and the best pool of talents. We strive to deliver unique and innovative solutions to our clients, and therefore, we continuously upgrade ourselves to keep updated about the latest technology advancements to help you make the most out of it. With this aim, we specialize in Windows RT development, critically understanding its intricacies, pros and cons, and developing smart and intuitive mobile applications on such platform. Considering the fact that it has several advantages over other mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, we leverage the distinct features and functionalities to deliver the best results to you.
Our Windows RT Development Services
At ConQsys, we primarily cater to developing robust and scalable mobile applications on Windows RT. Believe it or not, developing smart and user-friendly Windows applications and incorporating the newest features and functionalities have never been so simple and fun before. If you wish to create some of the best applications on Windows, considering our dedicated Windows RT development services is worth a fantastic value for money. We leverage the distinct features of Windows RT to design and develop intuitive and interactive mobile apps, including a gamut of services such as:
  • Custom Windows RT Application Development
  • Windows RT Games Development
  • Applications Implementation and Deployment
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Integrating with Existing System and Applications
  • Migrating from Existing Apps Platform to Windows RT
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Design and Development of Windows RT Apps Plug-ins and Widgets
Why Choose Us?
At ConQsys, we leave no stone unturned in channelizing the benefits of Windows RT into developing attractive and scalable mobile applications for you. Hiring us, you can have the following advantages:
  • Developing apps on a platform that supports multiple languages, which is familiar and simple to deploy, rich in features, and facilitates developing hybrid apps
  • Excellent quality apps development
  • Fast turn around time
  • Cost-effective prices
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