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The latest discovery of utilizing the Windows operating system to develop smart and robust applications has brought a significant surge in the industry. Giving professional developers a wide range of options and scalability in designing and developing custom Windows applications, it remains to be one of the most preferred platforms for both technical and non-technical people.
Furthermore, flexible choices to migrate and standard coding techniques have opened up a wider scope to develop intuitive and scalable applications on Windows platform. From interactive and scalable web applications to appealing and user-friendly mobile apps, Windows has rapidly gained a strong foothold in the world of applications development, posing a strong threat to Android and other platforms.
How ConQsys Can Help in Windows Applications Development
Being a leading and trusted offshore development company, ConQsys has been involved in dedicated Windows applications development for years. With a team of highly qualified developers and in-depth knowledge in Windows operating system, we have designed and developed numerous applications by catering to the unique needs of our clients. What more!! We regularly update our knowledge to embrace and implement any change in the Windows platform to serve the customers in a better way. Our team has rich experience in designing and creating smart and interactive applications that run on Windows platform, thereby, achieving superior customer satisfaction.
The Development Process
At ConQsys, we adopt the standard applications development process, followed by strict quality assurance and testing to deliver the best solutions to our clients. To have our clients make the most out of it, we work on the latest Windows operating system version, designing and developing smart and scalable applications according to client specifications. Windows offers a gamut of distinct features and functionalities, which are useful in enhanced application development. Right from GUI design to cross-browser compatible apps development, implementation, testing and validation, integration, and customization, we do it all.
Our Windows Apps Development Services
ConQsys’ Windows apps development services encompass designing and building:
  • Media enhancement applications such as image editors, Windows Media Player plug-ins, accelerometer-based applications
  • Utility apps for web and mobile platforms, which include anti-virus, GPS, railway and ticket booking, etc.
  • Seamless and scalable data connectivity applications
  • Applications that can enhance Task Management
  • Rich API supported applications such as Bluetooth
  • Windows mobile games and applications
  • Outlook manager and other enhancements
  • Other productivity, entertainment, and utility applications on Windows
What Makes ConQsys the Best Choice?
Nowhere else you would get such superb quality in developing Windows applications that precisely fits into your business goals!! We boast a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable developers who have vast expertise in both web and mobile Windows platform, thereby, designing and developing custom applications as required. What makes us the most preferred choice in Windows apps development are:
  • Functional and feature-rich applications development as per requirement
  • Strict quality control
  • Superb support, maintenance and upgrade
  • Fast turn around time
  • Competitive prices
You can rely on ConQsys to develop flawless and smart Windows applications. Request a free quote today, or view our service portfolio to understand how well we can serve you.