Technology Consulting
Problems rest in peace
It’s time to transform with certainty; time to embrace the latest change and best leverage Information Technology to realize the core business objectives. However, integrating your existing business operation with information technology and universal computing is an intricate process. There are several aspects to consider that facilitates seamless migration from the existing system to Information Technology. In such a scenario, professional technology consulting can help businesses in estimating, managing, implementing and administering their IT systems as per the latest standards.
Why You Need Technology Consulting?
There are several reasons why expert technology consultants are the most preferred choice for strategic business decisions:
  • To gain insight to objective external advice and recommendations on IT
  • To access the consultants’ specialized expertise in technology and business
  • To outsource a part or entire IT services to a company
  • To utilize the advice and recommendations to best utilize technology to achieve the business goals
How ConQsys Can Help?
ConQsys is a leading offshore development and IT services company, offering dedicated technology consulting to businesses across diverse domains. We boast a team of expert consultants who have in-depth knowledge and experience in technology. Critically understanding the business requirements and industry, our technology consultants provide expert advice based on proven IT methodologies and rigorous, scientifically-driven frameworks.
In diverse areas of technology, business processes and offshoring, our technology consulting offerings critically analyze the current environment, identify the optimization opportunities, and provide a robust and intuitive roadmap to facilitate improved productivity and cost savings. With our extensive experience and expertise across vertical market, we have proved to be a reputable name in the area of professional technology consulting.
Our Services
ConQsys offers state-of-the-art expertise in outsourced testing, and application management and development, with a wide spectrum of technologies that encompass data warehousing, e-business, ERP, wireless, CRM, and much more. At the same time, we back up our effective technology consulting services with core competency and expertise in program management, strategy and architecture, and user-centric design. Our comprehensive technology consulting services include:
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