Software Testing
Software Testing
Developing software is a critical and intricate process. Some of the issues that negatively impact any IT project are schedules and budget overruns, software defects, and inefficient testing processes. It is important for software to possess the important features such as stability, reliability, usability, maintainability and portability. However, to ensure that your software possesses the key features, having a sound and effective software testing process is most crucial.
Why You Need Software Testing and Quality Assurance?
Irrespective of any type of software, it is important that it undergoes strict testing and validation to deliver the highest quality standards. Quality is most crucial to any software, and hence, every step of software application development should undergo strict quality assurance and testing standards to ensure that the final software is of excellent quality, durability, easy-to-maintain, stable and reliable, and has only acceptable rate of defects. Thorough quality testing guarantees software that has the following features:
  • Stability: It means that the software will not crash under incorrect or erroneous situations
  • Reliability: Consistency in performance and efficiency
  • Maintainability: Easiness with which the software can be maintained as per prescribed requirements
  • Usability: Building a software that can efficiently achieve the goals
  • Portability: It refers to the adaptive power of the software to ensure that it functions across different computing environment
How ConQsys Can Help?
Being a leading offshore development company, we offer comprehensive software testing services that guarantee the software is well-tested, is of excellent quality, and has an acceptable defect rate. This is an important phase of software development cycle, and we impressively excel in the domain. Our dedicated testing and quality assurance services help you build secure, reliable, user-friendly, and intuitive software applications. With a perfect blend of advanced tools and extensive experience, we ensure that each step of the software development cycle undergoes strict quality assurance and testing to deliver the best results.
Our Services
With a holistic approach to exceptional quality software development, we offer a wide range of testing and quality assurance services that encompass:
  • Functional testing
  • Usability and accessibility testing
  • Web testing
  • Volume testing
  • Security testing
  • White-box testing
  • Network and distributed testing
  • Stress, performance and load testing
Our expert software testing and quality assurance methodology incorporates different stages of requirement analysis, test planning, design analysis, test development, test implementation, test reporting, and re-testing the defects. After thorough testing and quality assurance, our expert professionals will fix the bugs, followed by re-testing to ensure that only superior quality, error-free software application is delivered.
Why Choose Us?
Outsourcing your software testing needs to us comes with several benefits, the profits of which you will reap for years to come. Here’s what's in store for you hiring ConQsys for dedicated software testing needs:
  • Discover critical functionality, security and maintenance errors
  • Upgrade and sell your product better
  • Get useful reports pertaining to metrics, defect reports, and results that help you manage your software better
  • Determine product feasibility
  • Improved governance and control over the software development cycle
  • Reduced costs
  • Faster turn around time
Outsource dedicated software testing services to ConQsys today; Contact us to get a free quote.