Small Business Solutions
Small Business Solutions
“The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do.” “It lets people be productive.”
-Steve Ballmer
The processes, functions, regulatory burdens, and complete cities related to small businesses are similar to enterprises, but there are certain differences too. There are smaller budgets, staff, and resources, which limits their playing field and makes reaching out to customers a difficult proposition. Small businesses require IT solutions or software implementation, having lower operating, acquisition, training, and implementation costs. Use of SaaS technologies along with the affordable web hosting and Internet services can offer unprecedented capabilities to such concerns. It can help them to reach customers and markets hitherto inaccessible.
The Challenges:
  • Working with limited resources
  • Staff and infrastructural problem
  • Keeping the advertising and marketing costs low and affordable
  • Reaching out to customers and increasing the efficiency of workflow
  • Keeping the overhead costs low
  • Finding a low investment and high output model that works
What ConQsys Provides:
At ConQsys we understand very well the major challenges faced by small businesses everywhere and offer tailor made services that take care of their needs and provide the maximum profits. From web hosting, web development to cloud computing, and information technology, support service, we have all the aces in our sleeves to bail out your business. Through appropriate incorporation of IT solutions, it is possible to make do with limited resources and gain the maximum advantages. Increase the efficiency and output of businesses and reach out to the maximum number of customers without further ado.
Our Focus Areas:
For small businesses, ConQsys places emphasis on IT infrastructural developments and a strong support system, which is
in place 24 x 7.
  • Server and networking support
  • Growth strategies and infrastructural planning
  • Project management and IT outsourcing
  • Cloud services such as file sharing, e-mail solutions, and migration
  • E-mail support and Internet connectivity
  • Backup storage and sharing of files
  • Management and negotiation with vendors
  • WordPress site development
  • Product procurement
  • VoIP solutions
  • Licensing and security compliance
  • Cost saving measures such as affordable applications and use of open source platforms
Why ConQsys?
When it comes to small business IT solutions ConQsys is the best choice because we understand your needs. With us at the helm:
  • Relieve stress: We take care of technical problems and troubleshoot desktops, streamline networks, provide automatic backups, and offer reliable support.
  • Save money: We run agile and lean operations with minimal overheads.
  • Multi-environment optimization: We offer expertise in a variety of environments involving LINUX, Mac, and PC.
  • Compete with big players: We offer strategic planning, remote support, and on-site visits. Simulate work environment of large companies.
  • Avoid pitfalls: With us to take care of various issues, business operations run smoothly with few hitches.
  • Strategize growth: We help you to achieve your business objectives, offer scalable support, and deliver infrastructural plan.
So what are you waiting for? Request for a free quote today; Contact us to learn more about our services and expertise for small business solutions.