Silverlight Development
a robust, intuitive and powerful
technology tool that empowers
businesses to develop rich
media programs for a mobile
system, websites, and desktop
Microsoft introduced yet another interesting and advanced technology that can be efficiently used to build high-performance, web based Rich Internet Applications – Silverlight. It is a robust, intuitive and powerful technology tool that empowers businesses to develop rich media programs for a mobile system, websites, and desktop. Silverlight is rapidly emerging as a stiff competition to Flash, Ajax, and Flex and the reasons are of course, well-defined. It is not only backed by the leading developer’s community of Microsoft, but also holds the dominance for desktop operating system and a significant browser share of Internet Explorer.
Advantages of Silverlight
Silverlight comes with exceptional features that allow the professional developers to seamlessly integrate rich graphics, high speed video streaming, animation, and appealing multimedia tools into web applications to deliver highly interactive and intuitive results. For any business looking to build smart, robust and user-friendly applications, Silverlight is one of the most reliable platforms that ensure remarkable results. The key benefits of Silverlight are:
  • Cross-device, cross-platform, and cross-browser plugin
  • Cost-effective and speedier integration with high-quality videos
  • Integrating with existing web applications
  • It is designed to offer a suite of next-generation Rich Interactive Applications and .NET based media experiences
  • Silverlight runs seamlessly across all major operating systems such as Mac OS X and Windows
  • It is remarkably light; only a few megabytes, which ensures speedier download and upload
  • It is capable of delivering high-fidelity experience in a set of system configurations
  • Silverlight comes with a flexible programming model that supports C#, Visual Python, and Ruby on Rails
  • It gets updated automatically and supports flexible 2D vector graphics, overlaid videos, and appealing transformations and animations
What ConQsys Provides?
ConQsys is a leading offshore development and IT services company, with an unmatched expertise in Silverlight development and implementation. We have a team of highly qualified developers who possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Silverlight platform, thus, delivering the best and customized solutions to the clients. One thing that makes us stand ahead in the competition is our holistic approach to Silverlight framework, and utilizing it best to help our business clients achieve their goals in a cost-effective and timely manner.
We offer a wide range of Silverlight development services as mentioned herewith:
  • Silverlight feasibility studies and consulting
  • Custom Silverlight application development
  • UI design, implementation, and customization
  • Developing Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight
  • Silverlight deployment and integration with existing systems and applications
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Silverlight plug-ins and game development
  • Creating plugins, customization, implementation, and testing
  • Developing web widget and customization
  • Building applications in ASP.Net Silverlight framework
ConQsys Difference…
At ConQsys, we have the best talent pool who has unmatched industry experience and knowledge in Silverlight, leveraging the expertise of our people and technology infrastructure. Critically understanding the core business needs, we will set the objectives of the project, delivering it in an efficient and timely manner. Our flexible business model enables us to deliver what the clients precisely needs, thus, achieving customer satisfaction.
To hire our Silverlight development services, please call our expert developers today who can plan the best solution for you as per your core business needs.