SharePoint Services
better information, stakeholder
collaboration, comprehensive
business insights and lifecycle
Today, enterprises implement SharePoint to efficiently address the challenges in information and knowledge management. The process facilitates discoverability of better information, stakeholder collaboration, comprehensive business insights and Lifecycle management. As a matter of fact, SharePoint has become indispensable for businesses who strive to efficiently manage their information across all levels and achieve growth and success in the long run with effective collaboration.
Why You Need SharePoint for Your Business?
The key benefits of SharePoint from a business perspective are defined as follows:
  • To avoid the additional resources and costs involved in completing bulk manual tasks
  • Enhance the quality and accuracy of customer data
  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering quick and seamless access to important information
  • Improve the compliance and security for custom-oriented applications
  • Enhance the processes and workflows being used in interacting with customers, thereby, saving time and money
  • Differentiating the services offered by competitors by providing an easy-to-use 24x7 online communication interface for customers
  • To leverage a navigation structure and corporate identity that provides a common feel and look for different customer applications
Challenges -
The key challenge in SharePoint implementation is to have governance, a robust strategy and enterprise transformation that are most critical for its rollout. However, it is intrinsically difficult to combine all these success factors together to ensure that SharePoint is seamlessly implemented and deployed to address the issues in information management.
How ConQsys Can Help?
ConQsys is a leading IT service and enterprise solution provider, with vast experience and knowledge in the domain of Microsoft SharePoint. We boast a wide range of proven methodologies and knowledge management frameworks, backed by a rich suite of governance, intranet and migration accelerators that are the critical success factors behind SharePoint rollout. With a holistic approach to enterprise solutions, we offer a wide range of Microsoft SharePoint services that are typically customized to meet your core business requirements.
Our Services
  • SharePoint Consulting Services
    • Envisioning a strategy for SharePoint programs
    • Cloud deployment strategy
    • SharePoint decisioning framework
    • Enterprise social enablement and knowledge management frameworks
  • Governance and Sustenance Services
    • Governance framework
    • Managed services delivery model
  • Implementation and Deployment Services
    • Architecture and best practices
    • Incremental, agile deliverables
    • Advanced intranet accelerators
  • Industry Solutions
    • Collaboration solution and framework for media publishing
    • Business insights and process from MES, ERP and other plant floor applications
  • Transformation Services
    • Offering a comprehensive suite of migration offerings and tools such as Web Content, Lotus Notes, File Shares, Vignette, Documentum
    • Presenting early insights on SharePoint product features
    • Proven migration technology
The ConQsys Advantage
By outsourcing SharePoint services to ConQsys, you can effectively leverage the power of this Microsoft tool in efficient information and knowledge management.
  • Enable prompt business adoption and seamless transformation
  • Reinforce the best and latest industry practices
  • Incorporating enterprise social and knowledge management principles
  • Delivering robust and intuitive governance and sustenance
  • Trigger faster time to market
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Unmatched customer satisfaction
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