Retail Solutions
I wanted to create a new way of looking at retail”-Tory Burch
New look retail industry requires proper incorporation of IT innovations for enhanced customer services and boosting profits. There is no doubt regarding the fact that this industry is changing fast and has to adjust to the customer expectations and demands along with rapid developments in technology. Changing store operation models and requirements for enhancing business performance are posing some difficult challenges.
The Challenges
- Dealing with multichannel shopping, cross-border expansion, and mobile service
- Development of smart back-office technology
- Staying ahead of curve and driving profits
- Offering differentiated customer service
- Increasing the business efficiency
What ConQsys Offers?
At ConQsys we work with retail industry to master the various challenges they face and use IT for taking business efficiency and customer experience to the next level. Through deep understanding of the retail industry, we help you deliver differentiated customer service to increase sales, add to customer satisfaction, and go for operational effectiveness. We offer best of breed and high performance hardware solutions, life-cycle multivendor support services, and integrated software apps. Retailers and wholesalers can now deliver according to their brand promise and operate effectively.
Our Solutions
We believe in offering state-of-the-art and tailor made services that are in keeping with the needs of our clients in the retail industry. ConQsys helps organizations move forward with innovation, insight, and precision.
- Flexible point of sale system solutions for easy integration with store concepts
- Modern, ergonomic, and attractive mobile solutions with expansive applications
- Self checkout services that save time and space, while enhancing the customer experience
- Personal shopping with self payment, self scanning, and multichannel capabilities
- Self payment and kiosk solutions for employees and customers
- Managed services for stores
- Business analytics for retail
Retail Sector and Information Technology
Through incorporation of our latest IT solutions to the retail business stores can gain insight into behavior of their customers, streamline product fulfillment, and know about current sales trends. We help improve efficiency of sales funnel for businesses, lower costs related to inventory, and enhance competitive intelligence leading to an increase in revenue. ConQsys has an experienced and professional team in place to implement customized information technology roadmaps that align with special business goals of our clients. The presence of a strong and effective e-commerce website is crucial for success of a retail business. In order to help our clients realize the potential of the online medium we offer development and improvement services. We can build your e-commerce website from the scratch or improve the potential of an existing one. We develop smart shopping options for retail customers through incorporation of appropriate technologies involving SEO techniques, customer-facing analytics, and content management. Through our state of the art innovative IT solutions, we make buyers search for products online and shop them on the web instead of going off-line to traditional shops for purchase. Request for a free quote today; Contact us to learn more about our services and expertise in the retail industry.