Real Estate Solutions
Real Estate Solutions
“We live in an age that is driven by information. Technological breakthroughs….” -William J. Perry
As with all other industries, the real estate market is also struggling with high competition and this compels them to look for customer friendly solutions that can attract business their way. With dependency on information technology increasing every day it is crucial to incorporate the latest features to enhance the client experience and entice them to come back for more. Real estate industry encompasses retail, hospitality, commercial, and residential projects. The challenges and dynamics involved in each are separate and unique to the industry.
The Challenges -
  • Management of changing customer requirements
  • Management of global workforce
  • Related to compliance adherence
  • Information and leasing management requirements
  • Project delivery on time and increase of profit margins
  • Operational cost control and growth maintenance
What ConQsys Provides?
ConQsys collaborates with real estate investors, operators, and owners and help them to optimize technology investments, reduce costs, and best-in-class technology advancements. We understand the needs of real estate business and offer tailor made solutions, enabling high ROI and quicker deployment. IT deployment for us is in the form of business transformation rather than a simple implementation of technology. Deployment of IT is crucial for client adoption of innovations. In order to ensure this, we offer mechanism for data discipline, value extraction exercises for business, and customized trainings.
Our Focus Areas:-
At ConQsys we help real estate companies manage the life-cycle of their projects effectively while ensuring efficient and accurate results.
  • Enterprise support and management: Workforce analytics, management of supply chain, operational and financial analytics, management and financial accounting, and corporate governance
  • Resource management: Workforce and material optimization/management, assembly and fabrication, tool and equipment management
  • Project management: Portfolio monitoring, schedule and planning, project financials, executions, and contract management
  • Operational solutions: Common area and lease management, and asset portfolio
  • Business planning and development: Portfolio management, sales and marketing, engineering, design, and opportunity management
  • Supplier/subcontractor management: Supplier contracting, planning, management, tracking, and expediting
Our Services:
  • Integration & BPR
  • Business intelligence
  • Portal services
  • ERP
  • Project management
  • Strategy services
ConQsys offers IT solutions for all phases of real estate, construction process. In the preconstruction phase, streamlining of critical activities is necessary and our solutions are geared up to achieve this for our clients. Budgeting and planning of important processes is another important service that can make life easy for our clients. In an ongoing project we offer management solutions and nearby during the sales and marketing phase. We also have after sales services lined up to ensure complete all-round success of various deals.
Why ConQsys?
With years of experience in the real estate industry, offering customized solutions that boost revenues and attract customers ConQsys is a name that generates trust. We offer a global and flexible delivery model that offers cost sustainability. Use of top-notch technology solutions ensures effective operational management, streamlining of business processes, and help companies develop a competitive edge over others. We employ a large pool consisting of industry experts to develop high-end technologies and business driven solutions ensuring profits and growth.
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