Product Development
Product Development
In the ever-demanding and competitive business environment today, either you have to build a unique, interesting and relevant product to catch the market, or perish. Uniqueness, originality and a fantastic value for money are the buzzwords today that most businesses thrive on. Therefore, product development is an integral step in any business strategy, planning, designing, manufacturing, and marketing a unique idea or product. This can be either one that is new in the market or a new inclusion in your product line or upgrading an existing product.
Though it might sound simple, developing a product is difficult. In the era of product/service explosion, consumers are seeking something unique, smart and useful. In such a scenario, merely manufacturing a product is not enough; you have to analyze buying behavior, latest trends, and competition. The entire cycle of product development is complex and intricate, and demands professional expertise.
How ConQsys Can Help?
Being the most trusted and highly experienced offshore development company, ConQsys have excelled in product designing and development across varied domains, varied industries. We will help you to benefit from the complete product development cycle, right from planning and designing to documentation research, competition analysis, making a prototype, features visualization and conception, software development cycle, release, marketing, and filling up a product patent. We boast a team of highly specialized professionals from different trades and functions, including architects, project managers, designers, analyzers, and programmers.
Our Services
  • Competitive research: Before starting with product development, considering the competition is an important phase of pre-process. For your basic concept, we will help in competitive research, making sure that you come up with a concept that is unique, cost-effective and competitive.
  • Features visualization: This is an important step in software product development. After analyzing the competition, it is critical to visualize the core features of your product to make it most appealing, relevant and unique. Our experts will advise you to ideate and visualize smart features of your product to seamlessly catch the market.
  • Design and conception: We will help you conceptualize and design the product, providing innovative and smart ideas based on our unmatched experience and knowledge. Keeping in mind the visualized features and the latest trends, we create a unique and interesting product design with the best quality assurance standards
  • Making a prototype: Before creating the final product, we will make a prototype of the same to ensure that the visualized features and functionalities are working best to realize our goals as well as that of our clients. Any upgrade or change is incorporated in the prototype, which is carried forward to the development phase.
  • Software development: Incorporating the necessary changes and upgrades, we will help you to start with the product development cycle. We will guide you through the entire process right from creating to managing, QA and testing, validating, and implementation.
What more!! Our product development services do not end with creating unique and interesting software. We will also help in comprehensively marketing it across diverse platforms to drive maximum sales and revenues.
Outsource your product development needs to ConQsys today. Contact us for a free quote and best services.