Microsoft CRM Services
close deals faster and increasing
the sales by rightly focusing on
the underlying opportunities
In a scenario where customer relationship has never been so important before, Microsoft CRM is the buzzword. This powerful Customer Relationship Management tool helps in dramatically enhancing end-user customer relationships by providing just the right techniques and information to the marketing, sales and service professionals of an organization. It is one of the best ways of attracting prospective customers with an appealing marketing campaign, close deals faster, and increasing the sales by rightly focusing on the underlying opportunities. At the same time, the prime focus lies on delighting the customers by ensuring personal services and timely delivery across all the distribution channels.
Challenges -
In the competitive, market-driven business economy today, it is not sufficient to deliver the best levels of services and experience to the customers in the short run. What is more important for an enterprise is to critically analyze the purchase information and understand the customer needs and wants to develop better products and services to be delivered over the long run. And this is where most organizations lag behind. They embrace CRM with a short-term approach, and hence, tend to lose a major portion of profitable customer base in the long run.
How ConQsys Can Help?
ConQsys is a reliable and prominent name in Microsoft Dynamics CRM enterprise solutions, with the aim of delivering the best results to our customers’ customers. Here, we believe that CRM is one of the best strategies to attract, retain and grow your customers in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. In addition to providing expert consulting services on the advantages of implementing Microsoft CRM and how to go about the same, we develop custom packages to execute the strategies most efficiently. We have years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM< helping organizations to get the most out of it.
Our Microsoft CRM Service Offerings
ConQsys offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end enterprise solutions that range from CRM consulting, package selection to implementation, testing, and application support and maintenance.
  • Consulting
    • Feasibility analysis
    • Metrics reporting and return on investment
    • Technology selection and evaluation
    • Project scoping
    • Application audit
    • Developing a proof-of-concept
  • Implementation
    • Developing an implementation strategy
    • Data migration
    • Gap analysis and functionality mapping
    • Release management and global Microsoft CRM rollouts
    • Full cycle implementation and deployment
  • Quality assurance and testing
    • Load testing
    • System, integration and manual testing
    • Testing process consulting services
    • Availability testing and fail over
    • Automating test cases and reporting services
  • Integration and Customization
    • Integration with data and process level
    • Custom object and reports development
  • Customer Data Integration
    • Integrating multiple versions
    • Unifying customer data
    • Batch data or real time cleansing
  • Microsoft CRM Upgrade Services
    • Database upgrade
    • Product or application upgrades
    • Object migration
    • Data migration and conversion
  • Support and Maintenance
    • Customization support
    • Performance tuning
    • Application support
    • Application administration
    • Database administration
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