“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke
There is no doubt regarding the fact that the manufacturing industry is changing rapidly on a global scale. In such a scenario, it is necessary for companies associated with this industry to incorporate the latest technologies and flow with the occurring changes. It is necessary for keeping them viable and for making necessary profits. Shrinking is becoming a global phenomenon, from the point of view of both demand and supply. However, the combined impacts of rising commodity and energy prices, and environmental issues, and digital conversion, are forcing manufacturers to get the most from their IT investments.
The Challenges-
  • Strengthening collaboration across the value chain
  • Development of customer centric daily operations
  • Increase of flexibility and agility of manufacturing process
  • Maximization of efficiency in production and supply chain
  • Keeping up with mobility and changes in customer behavior
What ConQsys Provides–
ConQsys provides innovative technologies with our excellent domain expertise that comes to the rescue of manufacturing industries everywhere. We have total manufacturing IT solutions for helping organizations reach their maximum growth potential. Enterprise performance visualization across the value chain of manufacturing is a part of our comprehensive solutions. Our approach is business centric and we help our customers align robust IT solutions with existing business strategies. Presence of transparent processes ensures fact-based and valid decision-making.
Our Focus Areas-
  • Schedule and interactive visual capacity management
  • Time/attendance
  • Control of shop floor
  • Management of production quality
  • Shop floor a subcontractor expansion
  • After sales and service
  • All in one transparent multisite environment
  • Integration: machine, ERP, document management, CAD, PDM
  • Field engineer mobile services
  • Warehouse and purchase/sales management
Our Solutions-
  • Smart industrial solution: IT network convergence with floor systems for maximum efficiency
  • Agility of supply chain: Make informed decisions with increased supply chain visibility
  • Operations excellence: Extend data integration, access, and visibility across the supply chain securely
  • Customer intimacy: Superior and constant services with improved responsiveness towards customer requests, orders, and issues
  • Continuous innovation: Collaborate and connect with customers, suppliers, and partners to improve the success of projects and meet demands of the market
Our Benefits-
With ConQsys IT solutions for manufacturing industry, companies can now increase their productivity at decreased costs. There is an extended flexibility present in various stages of the drug life cycle opening up avenues and possibilities for the manufacturers. Low ownership costs coupled with high business values increases efficiency. We have a performance oriented, lean and strong supply chain solution for the manufacturing industry, which is all-comprehensive.
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