“One of the biggest challenges of medicine is the incorporation of Information Technology in our practices” – Robert Mueller.
The global healthcare industry is undergoing a revolutionary “transformation through innovation,” with the focus on improving the quality of services delivered while strategically meeting the challenges of industry’s regulatory demands. Information Technology is the buzzword today, and it has become indispensable for hospitals and healthcare providers to embrace the same in the face of competition.
The Challenges:
  • Handling electronic data from multiple sources, leading to information overload
  • Embracing a changing business model – patient-centric healthcare system
  • Meeting the regulatory standards of incentive alignment and cost containment
  • More emphasis on preventive care and wellness management
  • Coping with cut-throat competition in the healthcare industry
What ConQsys Offers?
At ConQsys, we empower hospitals and healthcare providers to improve their operational efficiency, modernize business practices, streamline internal processes, and build strategic intimacy with customers while coping with the regulatory compliance. Being a leading IT services and offshore development company, we possess the expertise, experience and capabilities to help hospitals and healthcare organizations to innovate and ideally transform their business to earn a competitive edge. Our wide spectrum of services for healthcare industry encompasses custom software and application development, business process outsourcing, infrastructure solutions, and IT consulting services.
Our Focus Areas:
Catering to the discerning needs of hospitals and healthcare organizations, we offer a wide spectrum of IT services and offshore development solutions in different areas as follows:
  • Hospital website designing and development
  • Payer Customer Relationship Management initiatives
  • Business intelligence and healthcare analytics
  • Electronic health records and exchanges
  • Mobile health initiatives
  • ICD-10 / HIPAA 5010
  • Health information exchanges
  • Digital strategy
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Legacy system modernization
  • Healthcare infrastructure management and hosting
  • Medical billing and patients’ records
Healthcare and Information Technology
The mega trends in Information Technology that are driving the healthcare industry encompass:
  • Improving clinical and healthcare outcomes
  • Complying with regulatory changes
  • Modernization and transformation of legacy systems
  • Integrated healthcare management
  • Increased focus on customers
  • Bending the cost curve of healthcare
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Relevant use of existing mandates
We design and develop intuitive and appealing websites for hospitals and healthcare providers, providing them a platform to communicate with the customers in a prompt and cost-efficient manner. We integrate smart applications and features into the website, whereby the visitors can easily browse through the facilities and services provided by the hospital, the board of doctors, and also make bookings for doctor or hospital visits online. ConQsys also facilitates mobile health, enabling the client to connect with the customers on the go. This also helps the hospitals to earn a competitive advantage, providing an opportunity to the customers to access critical healthcare services and information on the go.
ConQsys also specializes in developing custom software applications for healthcare organizations, streamlining and organizing the process of medical billing, patient records management and processing, insurance and claim settlement, medical expenses reimbursement, healthcare infrastructure management, business intelligence and healthcare analytics.
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