Financial Software
Financial Software
“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.” - Bill Gates
Industries in the financial sector are relying more and more on information technology solutions for their success. The presence of a scalable and robust infrastructure seeped in IT can become the biggest asset for any company. When it comes to financial technology, only the most efficient, fastest learning and the smartest teams gain an edge over others and surviving the steep competitions. With new technologies, being launched on a regular basis their seamless integration with the existing setup becomes crucial. This is only one of the challenges that financial institutions across the globe face and only expert professionals can offer appropriate solutions.
The Challenges-
  • Rapid business scenario transformations and hectic competition
  • Meeting of business objectives with higher customer satisfaction
  • Appropriate office upgrade requirements
  • Development of proven software solutions
  • Robust, consistent and highly adaptive IT solution development
  • Addressing of stringent compliance and governing norms
  • Increasingly commoditized financial services and products
  • Controlling the operational costs
What ConQsys Provides –
At ConQsys we offer the financial institutions are diverse bouquet of solutions and services that are in keeping with their needs and difficulties. The financial sector diverse and distinct software development needs and we understand this very well. Help serviceability and efficiency with our proven and time-tested development models. Our ultimate aim is to ensure cost effectiveness, quality, and transparency. All our solutions abide by the required regulations and this makes implementation easy. By working with us, financial institutes gain maximum flexibility, effective customized software application development, and tremendous savings.
Our Focus Areas-
We offer financial software development services for our host of institutions, including
  • Consumer finance
  • Retail banking
  • Investment banking
  • Corporate banking
Our Services-
All our software solutions for financial industries are for making their life easy and optimize technology used for high levels of customer satisfaction and increase revenue generation. This includes
  • Testing independent services
  • Third party integration/interface
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI)
  • Gap analysis & requirement engineering
  • Data re-architectural flow
  • B2B procurement solutions
  • Tax form automation
  • Electronic delivery system for documents
  • Research & reporting solutions
  • Trade/transaction processing services
With ConQsys financial software solutions, we are with you from the first to the finish. From software development, to its implementation and re-engineering everything is tailor made to suit your organizational needs. We understand the intricacies of data, workflow, securities valuation and related math, trading & risk, along with compliance requirements thoroughly. This knowledge and expertise of our professionals help us to develop services that help in increasing ROI and ensure customer satisfaction.
Our Benefits
We offer structured and sophisticated software development practices that help increase the company turnover for times to come. This happens because of the increased efficiency and the streamlining of business processes with our state-of-the-art software implementations. So, give your business the ConQsys edge with our unique IT solutions for the financial industry!
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