Android Applications/Game Development
Android Applications/Game Development
In the era of Smartphone revolution and smart apps, Android has gained a strong foothold in the industry, emerging as the most widely used mobile operating system today. As a matter of fact, you will find Android running in one out of every two Smartphones and tablets today!! This overwhelming growth and acceptance of the Android operating system has unfolded umpteen opportunities for developers to design and create excellent mobile applications. Rich in features, user-friendly, excellent graphic design, and compatibility, Android stands as one of the best platforms to develop smart, intuitive and appealing mobile applications today.
Challenges -
The major challenge for developers is to best utilize the distinct features and compatibility of the Android operating system to build a unique, attractive and visually stunning application. It is loaded with smart features, especially for mobile apps development, which is indeed intricate for the developers to best leverage. Moreover, developing Android-based applications and games demand in-depth knowledge and professional expertise in different components of the Android operating system such as Sencha Touch, Android SDK and PhoneGap.
How ConQsys Can Help?
ConQsys is a leading mobile apps and game development company, with years of experience and vast knowledge in the Android operating system. Critically understanding your core business needs and objectives, we design, develop, test, upgrade, and implement customized Android applications with unmatched performance, appeal, and utility. We boast a team of highly talented Android developers, who have expert proficiency in Android SDK, PhoneGap and Sencha Touch, creating mobile applications that can be seamlessly integrated and adapted across multiple browsers and devices. Right from asset tracking to multimedia applications, from messaging to voice chat, from games to GPS, from food to health, and much more; leverage the power of Android with ConQsys.
Our Android Application Development Services
  • Custom Android Application Development
  • Android Web-based Application Development
  • Multimedia and Security Mobile Solutions
  • Mobile Business Software Creation
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Support
  • Communication Mobile Apps Development
  • Trail Run and Quality Testing
  • Implementation of Android Applications
  • Integration with Existing Applications, Multiple Mobile Devices and Browsers
  • Upgrade and Customization
  • Plug-ins and Widgets Development
  • Support and Maintenance
Our Android Games Development Services
  • Feasibility Studies for Android Games Development
  • Developing an Engaging and Interesting Game Story or Plot
  • Designing GUI, Icons, Controls and Characters
  • Creating Appealing Graphics and Animation
  • Building a Suitable Game Environment
  • Creating Multiple Gaming Levels
  • Implementation, Trail Run and Quality Testing
  • Bug Fixing, Upgrades and Customization
  • Final Deployment
Why ConQsys is The Best Choice in Android Development?
Where else would you get such umpteen Android development services, with the commitment to best quality, performance and reach!! We have unmatched knowledge and expertise across varied domains, leveraging the same to help you make the most out of Android apps and games. With us, enjoy cost-effective Android applications/games development, with fast turnaround time, and exceptional support and maintenance services. To put it simple, we deliver a fantastic value for money to our clients.
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